Region 3’s Corner

Region 3 is an organizational designation of Overeaters Anonymous that encompasses OA groups and intergroups in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. Its primary purpose is to carry the message of the OA Program of Recovery to those who still suffer by representing the groups and intergroups of Region 3 to the wider OA Fellowship. CNMI is a part of OA Region 3. If you’re interested in making a contribution on behalf of your meeting or as an individual, you may use this form.

Current Reports from our Region 3 Representatives:

11-19 Region 3 Annual Report – Kay

11-19 Region 3 Annual Report – Pat


This message is from the Region 3  Twelfth-Step-Within Committee (TSW), reaching out to those who still suffer and to address relapse and recovery!

Keep Coming Back, It Works When You Work It,

And You’re Worth It!