Pecos Retreat

Please join us for the Silent Retreat in Pecos NM at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery. This is an annual Fall event that has been very popular. The monastery grounds are just beautiful and the fall weather is perfect for hiking, meditating, or sitting in the sun and watching the clouds go by. This year the retreat is on the last weekend of October, the 27th to 29th. Look over the pictures and the brochure on this menu tab’s following pages and consider signing up!

We have an enthusiastic committee compromised of Gloria B., Janet J., Kay H., Linda Z., Lisa D., Mary S., Pat O., and Zana G., all of whom will do all they can to make this a very peaceful and fulfilling recovery event. Contact information is on the brochure. Call, write, or email with questions and concerns. To register: copy the brochure back page, fill in the form that is there, and mail it as directed.

The Brochure and Flyer pages also have links on them so that you can print PDF’s for yourself and to pass around in your groups and intergroups. Please help us spread the word.