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CNMI is happy to announce that we will once again sponsor the Pecos Monastery Silent Retreat in the Fall. Last year we took on the sponsorship of the retreat that the Northern New Mexico Intergroup instituted and has been sponsoring for many years, and we had a really good time doing it. The retreat was wonderful, as always, and we’re excited about doing it again this year.

The retreat will be held on the last weekend of October, the 26th to the 28th. Registration is by mail only.  Registration form and directions are on the second page of the brochure.  If you register now, a $50.00 deposit will hold your spot until August 15th. We sold out last year by the end of “early bird” so don’t wait too long to decide.  If we do sell out, we’ll keep a wait list.

We have an enthusiastic committee who are hard at work to do all we can to facilitate a meaningful experience for all who attend. If you haven’t attended before, I can assure you that it’s a really great opportunity to focus on your recovery work in a loving environment. We have fellowship with dinner, a speaker meeting, and sharing on Friday until 8:30 PM. The fellowship on these beginning evenings is always warm because in OA there are no “strangers.” Then we have silence for 24 hours together. It’s very powerful to be in silence with so many who are on the same journey as we are. We have contemplative crafts which many find to be very conducive to deep processing – some traditional crafts like serenity candles and collages and some new ones that our ‘crafty’ committee members come up with. The grounds of the monastery are lovely and extensive so there is no shortage of walking and hiking possibilities. On Sunday we have another speaker meeting and more sharing and fellowship, or you may choose to remain in silence. If you want to know more, look over the brochure and if you still have questions or concerns, call me at (505) 281-3638 and I’ll try to fill you in and answer your questions.

Last year we had a few issues with heat – it turned out to be a very chilly weekend – but that should not be a problem this year. The monastery has installed permanent wall units in the rooms instead of the space heaters that were problematic last year. We are able to choose our own menu and we will plan very carefully to have a nutritious variety of foods that most of us can eat. There is also a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave so if you have very special needs, you can bring food with you. If you call me, I can tell you pretty much what you can expect to find at the meals.

Retreat committee members include: Marilyn C., Kay G., Zana G., Judy R., Mary S., Leslie S-K., Carol Sm., and Jane V. If you see them around the rooms, feel free to ask them questions and also to thank them for their hard work on this committee. If you’d like to join us on the committee or offer some specific service to our efforts, give me a call.

In Service,   Pat O.  Silent Retreat Committee Chair    (505-281-3638)