Is OA for You?

Now that you have found Overeaters Anonymous, you may want to make sure our program is right for you.  The following questions may help you determine if you are a compulsive eater:

  1. Do I eat when I’m not hungry, or not eat when my body needs nourishment?
  2. Do I go on eating binges for no apparent reason, sometimes eating until I’m stuffed or even feel sick?
  3. Do I have feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment about my weight or the way I eat?
  4. Do I eat sensibly in front of others and then make up for it when I am alone?
  5. Is my eating affecting my health or the way I live my life?
  6. When my emotions are intense – whether positive or negative – do I find myself reaching for food?
  7. Do my eating behaviors make me or others unhappy?
  8. Have I ever used laxatives, vomiting, diuretics, excessive exercise, diet pills, shots or other medical interventions (including surgery) to try to control my weight?
  9. Do I fast or severely restrict my food intake to control my weight?
  10. Do I fantasize about how much better life would be if I were a different size or weight?
  11. Do I need to chew or have something in my mouth all the time: food, gum, mints, candies, or beverages?
  12. Have I ever eaten food that is burned, frozen or spoiled; from containers in the grocery store; or out of the garbage?
  13. Are there certain foods I can’t stop eating after having the first bite?
  14. Have I lost weight with a diet or ‘period of control’ only to be followed by bouts of uncontrolled eating and/or weight gain?
  15. Do I spend too much time thinking about food, arguing with myself about whether or what to eat, planning the next diet or exercise cure, or counting calories?


Have you answered yes to three or more of these questions?  If so, it is likely that you have, or are well on your way to having, a compulsive overeating problem.

Only you can decide; no one can make this decision for you.  We who are now in Overeaters Anonymous have found a way of life which enables us to live without the need for excess food.  Remember, there is no shame in admitting you have a problem; the most important thing is doing something about it.  You’ve already taken a positive first step by reading the information on this website.

copyright held by Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., used with permission


What Do I Do?

  • Explore the resources on this site (About OA, OA Resources) and at
  • Call our information line at 505-261-3553.
  • Read the literature (available from the OA Bookstore)
  • Go to an OA meeting. There are 20+ meetings in Central New Mexico and more elsewhere in the state. Home bound, no time? There are podcasts and telephone meetings available every day of the year.