This page will be the place where all current information about meeting changes relating to Intergroup because of COVID-19.

OA’s World Service Business Conference cancelled!

A Letter from the Chair of the Central New Mexico Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous, Mary S.

Hello, Everyone –

Recently I’ve had the good fortune to interact with many of you by phone, text or email as we’ve worked together to adjust to new realities. In every instance I’ve been awed by the kindness and concern expressed in these messages. It’s become clear to me that these difficult times have enhanced and not diminished our regard for one another and our determination to live our program of recovery on a deeper basis.

Our physical isolation needn’t equate to disconnection from the principles that guide us in OA. Please take every opportunity to reach out to your program friends and all your friends. I’ve found over the years that an outreach call or message is, next to prayer, the best remedy I have for fear or anxiety.

You have already received one updated CNMI meeting list and another one will follow soon as more groups have decided to meet on a virtual basis. We will have opportunities to attend and support meetings that are new to us since location and travel time are no longer hindrances and many of our previous scheduling conflicts have gone away.

If you haven’t tried one of the many telephone, online or non-real-time meetings now may be your opportunity. Hundreds of these are listed by the World Service Office at

And then there are the podcasts. It’s no exaggeration to say there are hundreds of them available as well.

From the World Service Office:

OA A Vision for You Website and Podcasts:

And from the Los Angeles Intergroup’s vast collection:

We in OA have been blessed with so many opportunities to stay connected with one another and to form new bonds of fellowship. You are not alone!

If I can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me at or by phone at 505-977-3445.


Mary S

CNMI Chair

Other Updates…….

OA’s World Service Statement on COVID-19.

Here is the most updated meeting list.

Please make sure and contact the meeting contact for your meeting to confirm when and where your meeting is happening!

The SATURDAY SURRENDER meeting will be meeting at its regular day and time, Saturdays, 11AM, at the Heights Club (8520 Marble Ave, Albuquerque, NM 87110) in Room #2, on March 21, 2020. At this meeting we will decide if we will continue to meet or convert to a Zoom meeting.

The next Intergroup meeting will be held April 11, 2020, via conference call. Stay tuned for information about this meeting and how to join to the conference call from the Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC).

The WSBC is still scheduled to go forward at this point but stay tuned here for changes!