For the Professional Community

Add OA to Your Treatment Plans

In your capacity as a physician, therapist, or other member of the professional community, you have probably had contact with patients who exhibit compulsive food behaviors. We invite you to explore Overeaters Anonymous (OA) as an adjunct treatment for your patients with eating disorders. OA is a fellowship of individuals who support one another in solving their common problems with food. It is patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous, using the 12 steps of recovery as a program for living. We are not affiliated with any other organizations, nor are we in competition with any professional services or weight loss programs. OA has been providing support since 1960.

OA World Service Organization (WSO) publishes the Professional Community Courier Newsletter to address your questions and concerns about how OA works. This website as well as the WSO website at provides much additional information and resources about the OA Twelve Step Program and all of OA’s Tools of Recovery.