Group Level Service

Any form of service that helps reach a fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery. Members can give service by getting to meetings, putting away chairs, putting out literature and talking to newcomers. Beyond the group level, there are many service opportunities such as:  committee chair, region representative or Conference delegate, and board member.

As OA’s responsibility pledge states: “Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible”       from The Tools of Recovery (abridged)

 copyright held by Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., used with permission


Every OA group is unique in its makeup/location and therefore its need for service from its members. Some of the basic service positions that meetings need include: secretary, treasurer, intergroup representative, and literature chairperson. Meetings can also benefit by having a Lifeline representative, a welcoming committee, a designated downloader, and a steering committee. If a meeting has speakers or other changing formats, it might need a program chairperson. Your group might also have a very distinctive service position need that you could fill. The OA Group Handbook is a valuable source of information regarding the many service opportunities at the group level. Generally speaking, there are abstinence requirements for all service positions. The group conscience determines abstinence requirements for the service positions at group level.

Following is a brief description of the basic group level service opportunities. Why not read them over and consider asking yourself how you might best serve your home meeting? Even if all the basic positions are filled, you could offer service to the group. For instance, if your meeting doesn’t have a welcoming committee, you might offer to start one or you might offer to download information from region or the World Service Office to share with the group.


Secretary:  A group secretary has many duties which include making sure the meeting location is reserved, unlocked, and left in good order. She/he also maintains the format book and meeting lists, conducts group conscience meetings, prepares any necessary correspondence, and keeps the local intergroup, the region, and the World Service Office apprised of any meeting changes.

Treasurer: The group treasurer maintains the group’s bank account, collects and deposits all 7th tradition money from the group, pays the group’s bills, and sends monthly or quarterly donations to the local intergroup, region, and World Service Office. She/he also prepares financial reports for the group.

Intergroup representative: The intergroup rep acts as a liaison between intergroup and his/her group. The rep attends monthly intergroup meetings for the purpose of taking group concerns to the intergroup and bringing intergroup information back to the group. The intergroup rep can also benefit the group by networking with other group reps in order to share information regarding issues or problems that arise within the group.

Literature chairperson: The literature chairperson is responsible for tracking literature sales and maintaining a reasonable stock of literature to display and sell at meetings.