Intergroup Level Service

Ready to Give Service Beyond the Group Level? Have We Got a Deal for You!

If you’ve been in OA for a while and enjoy giving service at the group level you might be ready to consider moving on to intergroup service in an elected position. And remember, there is always a need for committee members on various committees. Committee members need no experience, only the willingness to serve and there is no abstinence requirement to serve on a committee.

OA offers each of us an opportunity to flex our recovery muscles while receiving guidance and support from members who have already made this commitment to service beyond the group level. Involvement in intergroup activities offers an opportunity to make new OA friends while becoming familiar with how we work together to give service to individuals and groups within our fellowship.

Remember you are always welcome to attend any intergroup meeting to find out what it is all about. We meet on the second Saturday of the month, except for those months when there is a conflict with region or world service events, or if there is a holiday.  For 2019 meeting location and dates, please see our “About Intergroup” page.

To get details about all service positions, see the list of job descriptions on the ‘CNMI Service Position Descriptions‘ page, You may also contact Mary S. (chair of the nominating committee) at 505-977-3445 for more information.