Region 3

Region 3 is an organizational designation of Overeaters Anonymous that encompasses OA groups and intergroups in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. Its primary purpose is to carry the message of the OA Program of Recovery to those who still suffer by representing the groups and intergroups of Region 3 to the wider OA Fellowship. CNMI is a part of OA Region 3.


August 20-22, 2021

Act AZ If

Please plan to send one or more representatives to the assembly and convention being held virtually from Tucson, Arizona. We will accomplish OA business and have opportunities to enjoy speakers and workshops being offered at the convention.

Here is a convention flyer with website information.  You can click on the following link to register:


Region III is sending all correspondence for this spring assembly by email, so please make sure that each representative(s) gets a copy of all information that will be sent to their respective email addresses. It is highly suggested that each representative have copies of the Proposed Agenda, Proposed Standing Rules, Proposed Motions, Bylaws, Policy Manual, and Steering Committee reports available to them during the assembly. Thirty days before the Assembly, copies of these and all other necessary documents will be available at under the Assembly/Convention and Representatives tab.

All assembly representatives are expected to attend the Forum workshop from 3-5 pm (MST) Mountain Standard Time held on Friday, August 20, 2021. After the Forum workshop there will be a “Green Dot” orientation for those R3 representatives attending their first assembly.

PLEASE RSVP by email to Sue Hackenmiller, Region III Recording Secretary,

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