The worldwide OA community offers a wealth of resources to aid in your recovery from compulsive overeating. Here are some of the best:

  • AA Big Book Online
  • – the online resource for Overeaters Anonymous. Tons of free information as well as a well-stocked bookstore full of OA approved literature.
  • OA Virtual Region   – everything you need to know about OA’s online meetings
  • A Step Ahead Newsletter – the official OA quarterly newsletter
  • Sound Bites from Overeaters Anonymous, a 12-Step Solution to Compulsive Eating. — Tune in to Voice America Internet Radio for a 13-week Internet radio show to help listeners better understand compulsive eating and OA’s recovery program.The program will address topics that include the following:
    • How and why a Twelve-Step program can work for compulsive eating.
    • How OA’s Plan of Eating differs from a diet.
    • The nine tools of Overeaters Anonymous.
    • Keeping your eating sane during the holiday season.
    • 100+ pounds to lose—is there hope for me in OA?
    • The three levels of recovery from compulsive eating.
    • What to expect at an OA meeting.
    • In all our affairs—how recovery in OA can improve every aspect of your life.
    • New Year’s resolutions—what can you do differently this time?
  • Twelfth Step Within — a 15 week program covering the 12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous.
  • OA Podcasts – tune in to interviews with members, literature readings and discussions and other great audio content. Play them online or download for listening at your convenience on your PC or iPod.
  • L.A. Intergroup Virtual Speakers Bureau – LA provides access to dozens of inspiring speakers sharing their experience, strength and hope from as far back as 1960. A truly wonderful audio treasure chest.
  • A Vision for You  – an OA approved Big Book Study for compulsive overeaters