Twelfth Step Within

NEW Twelfth Step Within Virtual Workshop

Starts June 16, 2020

Thank you for selecting me as your Twelfth Step Within Committee Chair. Of all the programs in OA, it is the one I’m most passionate about, having participated in a great many during my years in program. I had the privilege of participating on the committee several years ago that extensively revised the Twelfth Step Within format that we use and I am proud of the result. So far, so good.

Then at the 2016 World Service Business Conference, the delegation approved the workbook, Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide ( Hey, I was nice and comfortable just the way it was! In the questions for step six, we quote to OA 12&12, “When we work step six, we dedicate ourselves to a lifetime of growth and change.” (p. 56) Darn, I guess we better try this new one.

For those of you familiar with our current format, the TSW&SG differs in many ways:

  • It uses more literature: the OA 12&12, the AA 12&12, the AA “Big Book”, Overeaters Anonymous 3rd, Voices of Recovery, For Today
  • It is meant to be led by a facilitator, not self-facilitated
  • Each session is designed to be approximately 2 hours
  • It is a 15 session format
  • Only the facilitator is required to have the workbook. The facilitator distributes handouts for workshop exercises and homework

There are some ways they are similar:

  • It becomes “closed” (new members aren’t allowed) after the first meeting
  • There is homework between meetings (but no one is going to check on you!)
  • Members commit to attending meetings (with the understanding that isn’t always possible – but we do our best)
  • Workshops will likely be most rewarding for those already familiar with the steps; however it is not a requirement

To become a part of this 12th Step Within Virtual Workshop, please contact Frank at


* “We gratefully follow in the footsteps of many others who have walked this way before us, and we’re gratified to be making footprints of our own for others to follow.” [OA 12&12, p. 106]

Our CNMI format is still available – click here:  Twelfth Step Within Format