CNMI Elections, Octiober 14, 2023

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Date(s) - 10/14/2023
9:00 am - 10:45 am


September 9, 2023

This is the second of two official announcements of CNMI elections to take place at our Annual Meeting on October 14, 2023. At our CNM meeting on August 12, 2023, we elected an alternate Region Representative to attend the fall assembly to be held in Houston, TX, on October 13. The permanent position is still available and
may be filled by election at a later date. This could happen as early as the Annual Meeting but it might be better to wait until the November meeting when the alternate representative has returned and decided if they would like to run for the permanent position.

Each of the positions shown below is available for a two-year term except for the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) Delegate who will complete an unexpired term ending in 2024, and the Region Representative who will also fill an unexpired term, serving at two assemblies in 2024.

We have candidates for the positions indicated by an asterisk, although other nominations, including self-nominations, may be made prior to the Annual Meeting or from the floor. Candidates must be present at the Annual Meeting or have submitted a written statement of qualifications and interest in the position.

These positions require six months of abstinence:

  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer*

These positions require three months of abstinence:

  • Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC)*
  • Intergroup Representative Support
  • Newsletter
  • OA Young People’s
  • Public Information/Professional Outreach (PI/PO)*
  • Special Events

This position requires one year of abstinence and two years of service beyond the group level, currently or at any time in the past:

  • WSBC Delegate*

This position requires one year of abstinence and one year of service beyond the group level, currently or at any time in the past:

  • Region Representative

How You Can Help

With only five weeks remaining until the elections we hope to add more stars (*) to the list above. Please give prayerful consideration to running for one of these positions, and Sponsors are asked to encourage abstinent sponsees to step up to service at the Intergroup level.

For more information please contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee:
Deborah B, 505-604-3253
Valerie G, 505-414-3981
Mary S, 505-977-3445

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary S, Nominating Committee Chair

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